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Pontiac borrowed Buick's 3.8 liter (231cid) V6 turbo powerplant from the fabled 1986-87 Grand National. Some difference exist between the TTA motor and the GN version. Different heads were necessary in order to squeeze the motor between the struttowers. These heads, adapted from the transverse FWD version of the 3.8 liter motor, have the added benefit of improved exhaust flow and combustion chamber design. Subsequently, different pistons were required in order to maintain combustion chamber volume. Other changes to the TTA motor are a cross-drilled crank, larger 12 fin/inch GNX-style intercooler in place of the GN's 10 fin/inch design, specially-designed stainless-steel headers, higher-pressure Bosch 237 fuel pressure regulator, a distributorless ingnition utilizing to coil packs each firing 3 cylinders, and a recalibrated engine control module. The 3.8 liter SFI fuel injected V6, with its turbocharger and intercooler, stands on the cutting edge of engine technology. With its computer-controlled Garrett turbocharger set at a maximum boost of 16.5 psi, this THM 200-4R four speed automatic transmission-equipped V6 develops 250 horsepower at 4400 rpm and a maximum torque of 345 ft. lbs.