Movie Page


Movie # 1: The quickest Trans Am ever built was a V-6!!  And here's the proof.

Movie # 2: Bracket racing @ Carolina Dragway, 2 days after putting the TE-60 on, still with stock slipping tranny and street tires.  Consistent 13.60's all night with only 11psi of boost.  Hadn't dialed the car in yet.

Movie # 3: Chris doing a massive burnout in his '87 T-Type.

Movie # 4: TTA vs Chris in his T-Type.....listen to that exhaust and turbo sing!!

Movie # 5: TTA vs Rick in his highly modded mid 11sec. Mustang Coupe.  He pulls me slightly on the top end, but that was before the TE-60.

Movie # 6: T-Type @ Commerce last year putting the whip-ass on a Moose-Stain.

Movie # 7: TTA vs Mustang @ Commerce last year.  Track conditions were shitty.  Good MPH, crappy traction.

Movie # 8: Watch a 12sec TTA run.

Movie # 9: Watch an 11sec TTA run.

Movie #10:  Bracket racing @ Carolina Dragway.

Movie #11:  Bracket racing @ Carolina Dragway.  Broke out.

Movie #12:  Me @ Carolina Dragway, 1st time out with new combo and good gas.

Movie #13:  Same as above only embaressing an older Camaro drag car that was trailered in.

Movie #14:  Me putting the whip-ass on a Mustang w/slicks.

Movie #15:  Mike's '86 GNX clone @ the track.

Movie #16:  Same as above, 2nd run.

Movie #17:  Same as above, 3rd run.

Movie #18:  Temporarily removed pending future outcome.

Movie #19:  Clay's Typhoon doing a launch on street tires.

Movie #20:  Same as above.

Movie #21:  DL's Vortech supercharged Z-28 @ the track.

Movie #22:  Dan (LS-1) VS Todd (LT-1) @ Carolina Dragway.

Movie #23:  Rex Weatherford's Mustain eatin' Berretta running times to make most 5.0's sweat.

Movie #24:  Me (TTA) vs Mike (GNX Clone) @ the track.

Movie #25:  Brian's very fast ZR-1 @ the track.  Listen to that LT-5 sing!!

Movie #26:  Same as above, 2nd run.

Movie #27:  Greg's ZR-1 @ the track.  You don't wanna tangle with this one either.

Movie #28:  Clay's Typhoon vs Paul's '99 Cobra.

Movie #29:  Paul's '99 Cobra running pretty good on street tires.

Movie #30:  In car blast in Mike's car

Movie #31:  Mike getting some practice launching on street tires.

Movie #32:  Mike not having good luck with street tires.

Movie #33:  Josh's '95 Cobra vs a built LX 5.0 w/N2O.

Movie #34:  Joshua's sweet Turbo-charged 302 Mustang coupe showing another Stang how it's done.

Movie #35:  Mike's street driven LX Coupe pulling a 1.40 60ft.

Movie #36:  Coming back from the track, minding my own business, Z-28 decides to try it.  Passenger doesn't like the outcome, flips me off.....hehe.

Movie #37:  Todd King's nasty T-Type showing an old school musclecar how to put some times up.

Movie #38:  Video of the night I broke into the 11's.  The Vette owner didn't like it and sent the car off a week later for a head/cam package...hehe.

Movie #39:  Clay's Typhoon surprising a Mustang Cobra convertible. 

More movies from the GAFBA Spring Shootout here.